Veteran Owned and Operated

We take pride in the fact that we are not only Veteran owned and operated but also that 80% of our staff is active or retired military. Our unique skills and expertise bring discipline, leadership, and a strong work ethic to every job entrusted to us.

Law Enforcement Professionals

The benefits of having experienced law enforcement professionals on our staff are invaluable. Their in-the-field expertise, communication skills, and credibility contribute to our successes and provide effective security solutions to our clients.

Safety and Security

We don’t want to be your vendor. We want to be your partner. This level of dedication, collaboration, and commitment ensures we work closely together to achieve your safety and security goals over the long term.

At 3JS Security, we do much more
than increase safety.

Our goal is to take security off your plate and allow you to focus on other vital areas of your business. And let’s face it, if security for your event or business is an existing need, chances are your plate is already full.

Everyone at 3JS Security comes from senior military and law enforcement leadership roles. That means we know precisely how to secure people, locations, assets, and more. Our training instills the ability to think quickly, act responsibly and promptly, and communicate effectively.

When you partner with 3JS Security, you’re not just hiring a security company. You’re deciding to work with a partner who will prioritize your safety and security.

We would love to tell you more and talk about how we can solve your security needs. Contact us today, and let’s get to work!

3JS Security

What Our Clients Say

Shambreonia Brown
Shambreonia Brown
15:56 13 Aug 23
Great Company To Work For And Also They Have Immaculate Leadership😊 Doesn’t Look At Employees As Pawns But As A Team. I Love Working For This Company, They Are The Best☺️
Belinda Hale
Belinda Hale
06:02 18 May 23
It has been my pleasure working here. Great people and decent pay! I work in Northlake at a distribution center! I can’t wait for it open!
Schuyler Wick
Schuyler Wick
18:06 08 Feb 23
Wow! Best security team in the business! Jarod and his team nailed it. From the ownership to all of the employees on a daily basis. Their communication, invoicing and everything else was so effective throughout the entire process! All the guys are so polite and respectful and they treat everyone like family while taking care of you. Hands down best team ever. Definitely recommend!
Tracie Addington
Tracie Addington
16:12 01 Feb 23
Awesome company...
Death By Wolves
Death By Wolves
20:16 02 Dec 22
Great Company, Fantastic Supervisors and Employees. 3JS cares about their employees that they hire and takes the time to understand everyone from their point of view. One of the best Security Companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. 👍
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
20:50 14 Nov 22
Really great company! Cares for employees and takes the time to think out every detail! Informs anyone and everyone on plans from start to finish, if people would just take the time and listen they would know that when we get back to dallas have your own rides arranged, the other security company i worked for didn’t do anything like that. You just had to go with the flow! Great pay, decent hotel, good food! Overall great experience with this company! Can’t wait for the next!
22:46 02 Nov 22
My first time working an event with 3Js, I'm truly satisfied with the way Jarrod and his supervising team manage their company. From the very beginning they were clear on expectations and communicated properly with their team to help all workers understand their duties for the day. Jarrod holds great pride in his company and is appreciative of the people that are working for him. 3Js ensures that their people are being taken care of, food, transportation, etc. Definitely looking forward to partner with them in future events without a doubt. There is great potential with this company and I'm excited to see the growth and expansion there is to come. 😎
El Malo Burro
El Malo Burro
18:11 20 Apr 22
I got to say that I'm impressed with your security guards. They are actually determined to reduce trouble and mitigate major situations. At my Uncle's apartment complex, Skyline Place Apartments, there used to be mass groups of kids that hang out around the common areas and stairs since the High School is across the street. Now, when I visited him yesterday, there were hardly any kids sitting or walking around the complex. Thank you for keeping my uncle safe and keep up the good work!

Various Industries, Organizations, and Businesses We Service

If you have a type of business or location that falls outside of this list, we can still help. Please contact us , and we can discuss your specific location.

  • Places of Worship: Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Residential and Apartment Communities
  • TV Stations and Broadcast Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges, and Day Care Centers
  • Parking Garages and Parking Lots
  • Auto Dealerships and Leasing Companies
  • Aviation Centers
  • Carnivals and Fairs
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Arenas and Convention Centers
  • Industrial Firms and Manufacturers
  • Home Builders and Construction Companies
  • Grocery Stores and Retail Establishments
  • Municipalities and Government Properties
  • Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions
  • Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Storage Lots
  • Pharmacies and Health Care Facilities
  • Jewelers and Check Cashing Facilities

“At 3JS Security, our team is our lifeblood. They are the cornerstone of our company, and we treat them with the utmost respect and appreciation. In turn, our clients experience impeccable and exemplary service. The results are beyond reproach.”

— Jarod Thompson, Founder